Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Newly Enrolling Students

At York House School, we are on a path to building a more inclusive and equitable community where everyone is encouraged to bring a variety of viewpoints and perspectives to spark innovation. Designed to foster a diverse and vibrant community, the financial aid program opens doors for deserving students, empowering them to embark on a transformative learning journey with us. 

The York House School Foundation proudly offers financial aid to newly enrolled Grade 8 students who demonstrate excellence in academics, co-curricular programs, citizenship, and whose families demonstrate financial need.
Financial aid is awarded by the trustees of the YHS Foundation by the spring of each year for the following school year. Applications are available by request and are made, in the strictest confidence, to the Director of Finance. Please note that all financial aid opportunities require demonstration of financial need. The financial aid application deadline for Grade 8 is November 15, 2023.

Interested families are invited to inquire with Mabel Lim, Director of Enrollment Management at [email protected]

Financial Aid FAQs

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  • Who is eligible for financial aid?

    Financial aid is available to newly enrolled Grade 8 students who meet the School’s admission requirements and can demonstrate that their financial resources are insufficient to meet school fees. We welcome applicants who are engaged in academics, involved in their community and in co-curricular activities, and demonstrate potential to enrich York House School with diverse perspectives.

    As a guideline, students may be eligible for financial aid if their combined family income is below $300,000. 
  • Does financial aid cover all tuition and fees?

    Financial aid can cover up to full tuition and other school program related expenses. Calculation of amounts are based on the family’s demonstrated financial need as determined by the analysis provided by FAST Aid as well as available funding to award.
  • Is financial aid renewable every school year?

    Families receiving financial aid will need to re-apply every year for financial aid. Amount of financial aid awarded may be adjusted based on any changes in a family’s financial circumstances.
  • Where does the financial aid funding come from?

    Our financial aid is funded by the generous support of the YHS community including families, alum, and individual donors through named scholarships and endowment. The YHS Foundation stewards these funds to ensure the perpetuity of financial support to our students. 
  • How is my information on the financial aid application being used?

    York House School uses a third-party provider, FAST Aid, to evaluate all financial aid applications in a confidential setting. The FAST Aid confidential report is used in determining financial aid eligibility and amount awarded.  Only the Financial Aid Committee has access to this information.

Named Scholarship Opportunities for 2024-25:

Generously supported by the YHS Foundation, YHS Alum Association, Parents’ Association, and dedicated community members and donors, York House School’s named scholarships embody our commitment to empowering students to become the next generation of leaders. Named Scholarships are now part of the Financial Aid program and will be awarded to eligible financial aid applicants.

Below are scholarships available to award in 2024/2025. For a complete list of scholarship funds, please contact [email protected]

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  • YHS Foundation Trustees Scholarship Fund (partial)

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  • The Joanne and Derek Francis Scholarship Fund (partial)

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  • The June Brown Cliff Scholarship Fund

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  • The Geven Opal Scholarship Fund (partial)

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  • The Goodwyn Family Scholarship Fund (full)

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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Candidate selection is based on student merit and financial need. Our ideal candidate is engaged in academics, involved in the school and/or local community, participates in co-curricular activities in and/or out of school, and demonstrates potential to enrich the school community with diverse perspectives.

Our financial aid application for Grade 8 has two components: the Admissions Application and the Financial Aid Application. The deadline for both applications is November 15, 2023.

  1. The Admissions Application is the online application form requested of all applicants. To indicate interest in financial aid: 1) check off the box in the online application; 2) request an application fee waiver code by emailing [email protected]; 3) complete and submit the financial aid application (see step 2 below). Please note that an application is not considered complete until we receive all requested documents. 
  2. In order to provide the most objective assessment of a family’s financial need, YHS uses an external service provider called the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) program, operated by Independent School Management (ISM). To apply for assistance, the family of the applicant must complete the confidential online application form and your application will be forwarded to FAST for analysis. The Financial Aid Application fee is $45 USD, which you will be responsible for. Access the FAST application.
Students awarded with financial aid will be reviewed every school year to confirm their eligibility for renewal based on a resubmission of financial information.

Please note that the financial aid application process is separate and concurrent with the admissions process. All financial and application information is kept strictly confidential, and is shared only with the Head of School, the Director of Finance, and the Director of Enrollment Management. If you have any questions, please contact Mong Xuan Ha, Director of Finance, at [email protected].