Mission, Vision & Values

York House School exists for the benefit of its students
Our Mission
To create an environment that elevates the mind, celebrates uniqueness, inspires creativity, and encourages discourse.


Seeing the world as it is, and imagining what it could be, York House School aspires to create a transformational experience for students who are empowered to reshape the future.


Our values are the core foundation of our genuine relationships with students, parents, alums, and with each other. Together, we seek to provide a safe, inclusive, and healthy learning environment that prepares Yorkies to become bold and ethical citizens of the world.
An outstanding academic program, highly skilled faculty and leadership, and an innovative learning environment empower a life-changing experience for students.
YHS honours the individuality and uniqueness of each student and all who participate in our community. Treating each other with dignity, fairness, and kindness, building a learning environment that reflects the world, and advancing our quest to further diversify our community, deeply enrich our academic program. 
The freedom to be creative, embrace new ideas, and hone critical thinking skills are the cornerstones of innovation. We make space for students to explore their passions and approach problem-solving with imagination. 
YHS students share a mindset that places the betterment of others, our communities, and our planet as a top priority. Recognizing our privilege, we embrace the responsibility to be leaders of change.

YHS has built a strong community that is meaningfully connected to the world beyond. It is an environment that engenders kinship with one another creating lifelong relationships. We actively seek connections with the diverse community beyond our doorstep that strengthen learning, build character, and foster empathy.

YHS promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship. Students, faculty, staff, and our community honour the land and take action to protect our planet. 

Life Skills

YHS values the development of everyday skills and character traits that contribute to success, wellness, and happiness.
Holding ourselves accountable to others while honouring our own needs.
The autonomy to speak up allows students to build confidence and control of their own destinies. 
Harnessing the power of differing viewpoints, personalities, and strengths working together to achieve goals, makes learning stick and reflects life beyond school. 
We celebrate courage and risk-taking while providing support for students to healthfully rebound from setbacks.

Question conventional wisdom, explore the unknown, and approach life with a hunger to always be learning.

We identify with and understand one another's perspectives and feelings.