Mission, Vision & Values

York House School exists for the benefit of its students
Our Mission
York House School exists for the benefit of its students. Each girl is a unique individual who discovers her passion, finds her voice, builds her confidence and her ability to shape her world. Our mission is to empower young women to be active global citizens with the courage to act on their beliefs and make a difference.


York House School is renowned for excellence and innovation in girls’ education, with a focus on the whole child. Through exceptional learning opportunities, each girl is inspired, supported, and challenged to lead a life of meaning and purpose.


Our values are the core foundation of our genuine relationships with students, parents, alums, and with each other. Together, we seek to provide a safe, inclusive, and healthy learning environment that prepares Yorkies to become bold and ethical citizens of the world.
We are truthful and trustworthy in our intentions, actions, and words.
We seek to identify and understand one another’s situation, perspective, and feelings.
We are accountable and reliable in our actions, words, and commitment to ourselves and others.
We treat ourselves, others, and the environment with high regard.
We stand firmly in our beliefs, speak up, and take appropriate risks.