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Imagine the Possibilities
The Annual Giving Campaign offers parents, guardians, alum, faculty, staff, and friends of the school the opportunity to positively impact the York House experience for our students. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and provide important educational resources, equipment, and programs, as tuition alone does not cover all the costs associated with school operations.

Fundraising goals are established every year and align with our school's strategic priorities. Every member of the York House community is invited to participate in the Annual Giving Campaign, and you can choose to direct your contribution towards a priority that is meaningful to your family. For example, gifts to the Yorkie Fund are allocated at the discretion of the Head of School and Leadership Team to support school initiatives, address urgent needs, and adapt to changing circumstances. You may also direct your donation to the Little, Junior, or Senior School, or specific program areas including performing arts, athletics or the YHS Foundation in support of student scholarships.

Thank you for imagining the possibilities, and creating an inspiring learning experience for our students.
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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Annual Giving?

    Annual Giving is the school’s community fundraising campaign, running from October through June each year. Annual Giving enables the school to achieve its vision by enhancing the fundamental curriculum and creating the level of educational excellence that parents expect when they choose York House for their children.
  • Why does York House have an annual giving campaign?

    Tuition and government grants do not cover the full cost of a York House education. The school relies upon the annual giving campaign to bridge the gap, so as to fund extra programs and materials, scholarships and financial assistance, technology, equipment and so much more. Annual Giving allows the school’s administration to take advantage of opportunities, to meet needs, and to support the school’s priorities.
  • What’s the difference between Annual Giving and Parents’ Association fundraising?

    Parents’ Association fundraising is separate and different from Annual Giving. The PA is a parent-run volunteer organization that provides opportunities for parents to be involved in the York House community in various ways, including a range of fundraising initiatives.

    Money raised through PA events and undertakings is allocated by a vote at the Spring General Meeting. Members of the PA – that is, parents of current students – are entitled to vote at this meeting.

    Cash donations to the PA can be designated to the Parents' Association Tiger Scholarship Fund, and thus ‘counted’ as a family’s Annual Giving donation. Funds raised by the PA through events such as Bid Night are not counted in the Annual Giving campaign.
  • How will my donation be used to support York House?

    Donations to the Annual Giving campaign may be unrestricted or directed.
    • Unrestricted (The Yorkie Fund): These funds are allocated at the Head’s discretion, to take advantage of opportunities, to meet challenges and to support the school’s priorities. Unrestricted funds allow the school’s administration the greatest flexibility to address the school’s needs and to adapt to changing circumstances.
    • Directed: Donors may direct their gifts to a specific area they’d like to support, such as to the Little School, or to Senior School music or sports programs, new technology or science lab equipment. Donors may choose to support funds that allow the school’s talented and dedicated teachers to access professional development opportunities or to take a sabbatical and come back to the school with new perspectives, skills, and inspiration. Or, donors may give to one or more of the YHS Foundation’s scholarship, fund or bursary programs.
    All gifts may be recognized, or made anonymously. They may also be made in honour, or in memory, of someone important to you.
  • Will my gift make a difference?

    Yes, absolutely! Your gift sends a powerful message that you believe in York House School and the value of an exceptional education. While some donors will be leaders, we recognize that each family’s ability to give differs. That’s why we ask parents to make an annual donation that’s meaningful, yet within their means.

    Gifts don’t have to be large to make a difference – every single gift is important. Small gifts, when combined with others, create a big impact. No one should feel that a gift is too small to be worthwhile. Donating to the Annual Giving campaign strengthens the school’s sense of community, and reflects the collective sense of purpose.
  • How much should I give?

    Giving is a personal matter. We ask every member of the York House community to make a donation to the Annual Giving campaign, every year, at a level that’s within their means.
  • What are the different ways to give to YHS?

    • Donate online using a credit card.
    • Donate by phone.
    • Donate by mail.
    • Give via electronic funds transfer (EFT).
    • Give securities or stocks.
    Please visit Donate page for details and instructions.