Inclusion at YHS

Creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.
At York House School, we honour, value and support the identity and uniqueness of each student. We are a girls school and we are also inclusive. To guide this work and to declare our commitment to it, YHS has developed an inclusion statement:
At York House School, everyone is engaged in a journey of learning. It is a journey that has no end and offers rich opportunities for growth. We are constantly evolving and together, we are changing how we see the world and our place in it.

York House School is on a path to create a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. We share the belief that individuals have inherent rights and deserve to be respected for who they are; that every member of our community belongs here and feels included; that we must treat others with dignity and expect the same in return.

We move toward improvement when we actively deepen our understanding of the things that make each of us unique. It is those differences which strengthen our community and bring the variety of viewpoints and perspectives that spark innovation.

The work of this journey begins by examining our personal, curricular and professional development, as well as our institutional practices. We must be courageous, honest and prepared to make the changes necessary to achieve our vision.

There will be challenges, tensions, and difficult conversations, but together we will create an environment where everyone belongs.

Our students are expanding their minds and deepening their understanding of the world. It is to them that we owe this responsibility.

Our Inclusive Community

"As Community Service Captains and human beings, we are responsible for creating inclusive and comfortable environments by listening to others and their needs. We strive to challenge the status quo and push towards practices that make everyone feel heard. It is important to continually reevaluate our biases and seek ways to support others. We look forward to continuing our efforts to make everyone feel welcome at our school, no matter their identity, and thus do our part to promote inclusivity in all spaces."

Ruby Harris '23 and Jaclyn Boxer '23, Community Service Captains