Junior School

A safe and supportive environment that embraces the curious mind
Bright, engaging learning spaces. Colourful classrooms brimming with boundless energy. It’s fun to learn here.
The Junior School is a safe and supportive environment that embraces the curious mind. Children are eager to learn and are enthusiastic about sharing their ideas. They learn independence and build self-confidence as teachers focus on exploration, critical thinking, and teamwork in the classroom.

The Junior School offers an enhanced version of the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s approved curriculum. The focus is on developing fundamental skills in language, math, science, social studies, art, health, and physical education.
The curriculum is enhanced with field trips, visiting instructors who are experts in their field, as well as resource teachers who help support the diverse learning needs of our students.

Co-curricular activities such as community service and athletics are also emphasized.

Junior School Program Highlights

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    The Junior School STEAM program offers students an opportunity to solve authentic problems, take risks, collaborate, and connect learning from different subjects. STEAM is an educational approach that links Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and Design), and Mathematics. STEAM inspires students to become innovators and leaders that are adaptable, comfortable with ambiguity, collaborate with others, and thinking critically and creatively about the world’s problems. 

    As part of the BC Applied Design Skills and Technology curriculum, students work through the Design Thinking process which allows them to learn about real-world problems, empathize with others, ideate possible solutions and prototype their ideas. Through STEAM projects, students develop skills in woodworking, textiles, mechanisms, cardboard creation, robotics, 3D printing, fine art and more. As students make, they are encouraged to use the iterative design process and persist when things are not working. STEAM is a space where students are encouraged to work with their hands, put their ideas out there, get messy, and push boundaries in their thinking!
  • Science

    The students are at just the right age to spark their curiosity in the sciences. With modern lab facilities and our dedicated science specialist with a PHD in Microbiology, Ms. Lela Ling, we get them hooked early. The focus on the sciences continues as the students enter the Senior School. The fact that a third of last year’s graduating class is pursuing sciences is a testament to our commitment to this program.
  • French

    York House is the birthplace of AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method), an innovative French as a Second Language program that bases its methods on how children learn a first language. French is learned through songs and plays - putting it in a context that is both meaningful and fun.

    AIM founder Wendy Maxwell developed the method while teaching at York House. She now teaches this program in workshops around the world. Teachers from around the world come to York House to see the program in action. Learn more about AIM here.
  • Physical and Health Education

    The Physical and Health Education program at the Junior School is designed to support our students’ life-long participation in physical activity and sport. We focus on developing in our students the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value physical activity for life. This aligns with Canada’s commitment to Sport for Life, a world-leading approach to the importance of sport and physical activity in human development.

    Students learn that physical activity and movement is a powerful window to learn about their bodies, how and why to make healthy lifestyle choices, the importance of supportive relationships, and the interconnectedness of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    Skill development happens through unstructured play in the school’s safe and challenging environments, and through quality instruction from the knowledgeable teachers and coaches at York House.
  • Field Trips

    Junior School students have the opportunity to participate in various field trips that enhance their classroom learning. Grade 4 students went on a kayaking trip, and the Grade 3 class went to Pacific Spirit Park Beach for their “Seashore Sleuths” unit. For details on our Outdoor Education program, click here.