Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall stewardship of York House School
The Board of Governors is composed of 12 elected Board members, as well as three Advisors: the President of the Parents’ Association, the President of the Alumnae Association, and the Chair of the YHS Foundation. The Immediate Past Chair is also a member of the board for the duration of his/her two-year term.

All Board members are unpaid volunteers who give generously of their time and resources in support of the school. Most Board members have already participated extensively in school activities as volunteers prior to joining the Board. Previous Board members have come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences; most are parents, past and current, and some are also alumnae. They are united in their desire to see York House School as the best place for educating girls. They wish to see the school empower girls to achieve their full potential, and be prepared to be effective in a rapidly changing world.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall stewardship of York House School. The Board sets policy directions through strategic planning and goal setting to ensure the financial stability of the school and to advance the school’s mission and vision. The Board is also responsible for appointing the Head of School to whom it delegates authority over the administration of the school and matters of curriculum and staffing. In keeping with the membership requirements of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Board oversees the school and remains at arm’s length from the administration.

Board of Governors 2019-20

List of 15 items.

  • Neil Menzies, Board Chair

    Chair, Head Evaluation Committee
    Member, Governance Committee
    Member of all Board committees (ex-officio)
  • Michelle Ostrow ‘89, Board Vice-Chair

    Chair, Governance Committee
    Member, Head Evaluation Committee
  • Markus Franiek, Treasurer

    Chair, Finance Committee
  • Shamir Alibhai

    Member, Master Planning Advisory Committee
  • Kate Furber

    Member, Finance Committee & Governance Committee
  • Murray Goldberg

    Board Member
  • Mike Hudson

    Chair, Advancement/Major Gifts Committee
    Member, Governance Committee & Master Planning Advisory Committee
  • Joanne Lee-Young '90

    Member, Advancement/Major Gifts Committee & Neighbour Committee
  • Donald R. Lindsay

    Member, Governance Committee and Head Evaluation Committee
  • Jonathan McDonald

    Chair, Facilities & Maintenance Committee
    Chair, Neighbour Committee
    Member, Advancement/Major Gifts Committee
  • Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera

    Member, Risk Management Committee & Head Evaluation Committee
  • Vandana Varshney

    Chair, Risk Management Committee
    Member, Advancement/Major Gifts Committee
  • Farrell Eckman, President, YHS Parents’ Association (Advisor)

  • Courtney (Smith) Cousineau '99, President, YHS Alumnae Association (Advisor)

  • Stevie Bryson Mitchell '61, Chair, YHS Foundation (Advisor)