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Planned Giving

Ensuring the legacy of learning and leadership
Gift planning a is a way of ensuring the legacy of learning and leadership well into the future and enables you to perpetuate your support to York House School.

What are Planned Gifts?

Planned gifts are usually gifts of capital such as bequests rather than cash. Many people, after they have provided for their loved ones in their will, also wish to leave something to a non-profit organization that they cherish and have supported throughout their lifetime. 

Bequests at York House are dedicated to scholarships and bursaries to enable future generations of young women, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, to attend the school. View the "Discover the Opportunities" scholarship video.

Please consider including York House School in your estate plans. For more information, view our booklet, A Lasting Legacy, or a list of types of planned gifts here. Download a donor card and make a gift online today. To speak with someone about planned giving at York House, please contact Priscilla Clark, Associate Director, Alumnae Relations, at 604-730-2414 or

Legacy Society

The York House School Legacy Society is celebrating its 20th anniversary and honours those who have made a planned gift through a bequest to the York House Foundation. These society members truly emulate our school motto, Not for Ourselves Alone. Below is a list of our generous Legacy Society donors. If you have already provided for York House's future, please contact Priscilla Clark at 604-730-2414 or to allow us to acknowledge your thoughtfulness and include you as a Legacy Society member.

Members of the York House Legacy Society

Barbara (Sanderson) Armstrong '55
Kristin Sarah Taylor Armstrong '00
Stephanie Au '98 and Neil Blackadar
Nonie (Coldicutt) Augereau '56
Margaret (Owen) Barbeau '54
Jane (Hodgins) Battle '56
Ursula Bell
Angus and Kimberly Campbell
Janet (Cliff) Campbell '65*
Jean (Cochrane) Campbell '47
Stephanie (Southam) Carlson '62
Corinth (Eckman) Carson '35*
Marilyn (Pipes) Cassady '52
Josephine (Bellows) Chanin '61
Emily (Lackey) Chowne '97
Priscilla Clark
Lena (Cotsworth) Clarke, Founder*
Sandra (Baxter) Clarke '50*
Margaret Mary (Leeson) Cochrane '55*
Courtney (Smith) Cousineau '99
Richenda Crawford
Joan (Ritchie) Creighton '46*
Rosemary (Jukes) Devlin '46*
Farrell and David Eckman
Jane Edgar '75
Laura Edwards '74
Sharen Edwards
Lynn (Palmer) Eyton '57
Lindsay Forbes '96
Joanne* and Derek Francis
Alix (Gordon) Fredrickson '50
Thelma (Keen) Gayton '42*
Peggy (Parke) Gilmour '45*
Darlene (Westerlund) Glasner '84
Claudia (Edwards) Goldman '71
Lisa Greczmiel '82
Carolyn and Warwick Green
Nancy (Fraser) Griffiths '46*
Jean (Shilvock) Hackett '57
Pauline (Agnew) Hall '54
Kimberley and Crane Harvey
Darcy Hausselman
Barbara (Bentley) Hislop '72
Jaymie (Glasmann) Ho
Mike and Lisa Hudson
Helen (Larmonth) Hughes '50
Christopher Hyland
Gretchen (Meilicke) Hyland, Founder*
Anita Irani
Catharine (McGavin) Jacobsen '82
Heather and Keith Jones
Gladys (Morden) Jopling, Founder*
Ita Kane-Wilson
Kathy Kealey and Ed Willes
Denny (Frost) Lang '62
Margaret (Wilkinson) Laurence '43*
Barbara (Lawson) Lecky '58
Sandra Lee '89 and David Kason
Joanne Lee-Young '90
Alexandra Lesk '91 and Paul Blomerus
Mabel Lim
Don Lindsay
Alan Low

Elizabeth C. Low '17
Elizabeth Lyall '77
Gina Macdonald '90
Valerie (Smith) Magee '64
Anna-Lisa (Ekstrom) Major '87
Carol Manders
Katherine Manders '96*
Robin Mansell '69
Sarah (Proctor) McAlpine '56
Mary (McLean) McDermid '51
Alexia McGavin Coles '85
Neil Menzies
Camille Mitchell '71
Janet (MacDonald) Mitchell, Founder *
Nora (McBride) Mitchell '35*
Stevie (Bryson) Mitchell '61
Julia Beatrice Molnar '75
Jonathan and Phyllis Money
Joyce (Penny) Moul '49
Anita & Oliver Neubert
Nora (Mitchell) Newlands '67
Caitlin Ohama-Darcus '07
Brenda (Merrett) O'Keefe '57
Michelle Ostrow '89 and Marc Kazimirski
Mary Jean (Cooke) Otway-Ruthven '59
Mary Pollock
Jill (Rogers) Purdy '57
Mary Raikes-Tindle
Audrey (Wilson) Robson '47*
Nita Rodrigues
Gwynneth (Thomas) Rogers '36 *
Stephanie Rose '51
Julie Rousseau
Gail Ruddy
Diane (Kitchin) St. John '50
Susan (Rathie) Schouten '67
Gillian (White) Smith '81 and Russell Smith
Katherine (Black) Stephens '90
Gail (Laidlaw) Stevenson '54*
Mary-Anne (Johnstone) Stowe '51
Joan (Crewe) Straight '37*
Devon Taylor '02
Sherry (Robson) Taylor '73*
Dickon Thompson '81
Lavell Thompson '85
Caroline Anne (Sexsmith) Trausch '84*
Mary (Frances) Trumbull Tuck '41
Catharine (Walwyn) Turner '84
Lisa (Bentley) Turner '81
Vicki (Frost) Vogrin '61
Margaret (Shepard) Walwyn '55
Margot Keate West '93 and Ben West
Nik Williams-Walshe
Alex (McBean) Wilson '63
Susanne (Jopling) Wilson '52*
Robyn Woodward '72
Wynn Woodward '67
Stephanie (Lang) Young '01
3 Anonymous