About YHS

York House School is a vibrant and close-knit school community where everyone feels safe and benefits from a true sense of belonging. It is a place where people feel valued, engaged, and connected to the school, and experience personal fulfillment and meaning in their lives. Our students are the heart of our school and they are our greatest pride.
Since opening its doors for the first time on September 7, 1932, York House School has prepared young women to make a difference in this world while remaining true to its history, values, and traditions. Our founders recognized that education was critical to inspire young women to live happy, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

We continue to provide a tradition of excellence in education, to educate the whole child, and instill in our students the confidence and belief that they are capable of doing anything. “Not for Ourselves Alone” continues to be held as one of the highest ideals of our community. We are committed to preparing our students to be active and responsible citizens who take responsibility to help others and make a difference in the world.

At York House School, we take great care in the learning environment that we create for our students. Small class sizes ensure individual attention and confidence-building classroom experiences. Our teachers are professional, dedicated, compassionate, and truly care about our students.

Our academic programs are rigorous, innovative, and call for the authentic application of knowledge and the mastery of 21st Century skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and critical thinking. The content that we teach is not nearly as important as developing the ability to think, reason, and create. Our students are expected not to just understand existing information but to create new information.

Our graduates are prepared for post-secondary studies and to thrive in a complex and constantly changing world. They have the vision, courage, and the capability to make a difference in the local community and beyond. Yorkies are socially conscious, globally competent, and have the confidence, resilience, and skills to lead and impact their community, now and in the future.

There is great comfort in knowing that whatever happens, once our graduates leave York House School, they will always be a part of this wonderful community and will benefit from remaining connected to the school and an active network of close to 4,000 alums and a growing number of global chapters. Once a Yorkie, always a Yorkie!

Spark: Our Strategic Plan

York House School is in a process to re-imagine our future, move with the times and even, reach ahead of the curve. A new vision, a new strategy and clearly articulated priorities will ensure a stronger school and a powerful educational experience for our students, one that is relevant for a world where change is the only constant.  

Learn more about Spark, our new strategic plan.

Our Inclusive Community

York House School is on a path to create a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. We share the belief that individuals have inherent rights and deserve to be respected for who they are; that every member of our community belongs here and feels included; that we must treat others with dignity and expect the same in return.
We move toward improvement when we actively deepen our understanding of the things that make each of us unique. It is those differences which strengthen our community and bring the variety of viewpoints and perspectives that spark innovation. 

The work of this journey begins by examining our personal, curricular and professional development, as well as our institutional practices. We must be courageous, honest and prepared to make the changes necessary to achieve our vision. 

There will be challenges, tensions, and difficult conversations, but together we will create an environment where everyone belongs. 

Our students are expanding their minds and deepening their understanding of the world. It is to them that we owe this responsibility.