Student Life

Personal Counselling

Promoting Student Well-Being
Personal counselling is an integral component of the educational services provided by YHS. The main objective is to promote student well-being.

Personal Counselling at YHS

Our Senior School Counsellors collaborate with the school community to offer one-on-one and group counselling, health and wellness-focused workshops, and parent education. In addition, the Senior School Counsellors consult with parents, healthcare providers, and community services to strategically support students at school. Issues that may be addressed in personal counselling include: bullying and peer conflicts, decision-making and problem-solving, feelings of anxiety and depression, grief and loss, parent-adolescent conflict, relationship and communication difficulties, self-esteem, self-growth and personal development, stress, substance use, and misuse. 
Privacy and Confidentiality
Privacy and clear confidentiality guidelines are essential to having an effective school counselling program. YHS recognizes the importance of communication and collaboration between students, parents, and the school. Every effort will be made to protect student and parent privacy rights except under certain limited conditions.
Students can access counselling on their own. What students share with the Senior School Counsellor will remain confidential unless the student gives permission to share, or unless the counsellor is required by law or school policy to share.

These are the situations where information may be shared with parents and/or others:
  • If the student asks a Senior School Counsellor to speak with someone else for her or to give individual information she wishes them to have;
  • If a Senior School Counsellor feels that the student or someone else may be in danger;
  • If a court orders the release of information;
  • If required by law; or
  • To consult with another professional person in confidence to try to find solutions or answers for the student.

Accessing Personal Counselling

Students can self-refer and request appointments with the Senior School Counsellors directly.

Our school community is small and tight-knit, and our teachers often notice when students are not functioning optimally and will refer students for counselling.

Parents can also proactively refer their daughter(s) for counselling services by contacting the school.