Fine Arts

Yorkies are encouraged to explore their creativity and passions
From the earliest age, Yorkies are encouraged to explore and unleash their creativity. We believe that early arts experience has a profound impact on a child’s learning and development.
Our youngest Yorkies begin to construct their understanding of the world around them through musical games, storytelling, drama, and drawing. 

Senior School students have access to a wide range of fine arts programs as well as co-curricular opportunities in music, drama, textiles, new media, film, and visual arts.

Whether or not a Yorkie decides to pursue a career in fine arts, we encourage the girls to express their creative selves and develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts that will last them a lifetime.

Fine Arts Programs

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  • Music

    The York House Music Program offers courses in both instrumental and choral music. Students have the opportunity to study, explore, and perform music from all genres.
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  • Visual Arts

    There is an impressive array of artistic talent visible throughout York House School. Just visit the corridor outside the theatre, which hosts a revolving exhibition of student artwork throughout the year, or the colourful murals and displays in the Little and Junior school. Many of these masterpieces go on to grace our hallways and offices.
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  • Drama

    The Drama Program offers students the opportunity for creative discovery and expression. Drama represents life skills: self-confidence, improved speech, creative problem solving, and teamwork.
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  • New Media & Film

    New Media, or Modern Visual Arts, takes our senior students out of the art room and into the computer lab. Students learn the fundamentals of new media and the role of digital technology in art making.
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  • Textiles

    In textiles, or applied arts, our senior students produce quality work while gaining practical skills and technical knowledge in sewing and fashion design. Students work on a variety of projects from hand-stitched crafts, sewing projects to advanced dressmaking and fashion design.
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