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Welcome from the YHS Alumnae Association
Fellow Yorkies!
It’s been 25 years since I first stepped into the halls of York House School. The years have gone by, things have changed, but the feeling I get when I pull up to the front door is always the same: gratitude and joy—to be a part of the York House School community; first as a student and now as the President of the Alumnae Association.

In 1994, the Smith Family moved from Etobicoke, Ontario to Vancouver and I was ready to start Grade 8. If we had stayed in Etobicoke, I would have still been in Middle School (Grades 6-8 back then). What I was not ready for was when they told me that I would start high school...(sorry... what?!). Everything that I had mentally prepared for was out the window. To date, my knowledge of high school was limited to everything that I could learn from John Hughes movies. While it turns out 90s music was better than 80s music (feel free to debate me on that later...) the feelings of excitement and nervousness conveyed in every classic teen coming-of-age film were definitely there.

Thankfully, on that first September day, and over my five years at York House, I met a community of young women who, to this day, are some of my best friends, confidants, mentors, and allies. Just like we did in Grade 8, we support one another; push one another to be our best and continue to be there for each other.

To me, the York House Alumnae Association is the lasting legacy of our school community. It is a network of women across the globe who are connected by our shared experience in Green and Gold and one that I am fiercely proud and grateful to be a part of. Day to day, the Alumnae Association is here to strengthen your bond to each other and to York House School—we want to stay in touch with you!

We hope you will join us at Alumnae events, reach out to your YHS classmates and friends, come back and mentor the alumnae of tomorrow, tell us your stories, and show us your photographs. I encourage each of you to connect with fellow Yorkies from across the generations—ones who have been where we’ve been and ones who are looking at where you are. As alumnae of York House School, we are a built-in community and are here to support one another. It’s this that I continue to remind myself with each passing year, that “not for ourselves alone” is more meaningful than ever.

I look forward to crossing paths with you during my tenure as President and invite you to let us know how the Alumnae Association can continue to grow and connect with you.


Courtney (Smith) Cousineau ‘99


A York House School education is a common bond for close to 4,000 women worldwide. Whether you want to receive the quarterly alumnae e-newsletter, volunteer, network or find old friends, the YHS Alumnae Department is here for you.

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We are also working to connect recent graduates and students with alumnae who have volunteered to give career coaching. Learn more about our Mentorship Program.

Alumnae Association Executive

Vice President
Past President
Directors at Large

Honorary Executive
Courtney (Smith) Cousineau '99
Devon Taylor '02
Julia (Smith) Grant '99
Claire Hunter '96
Joanne Lee-Young '90
Connie Chan '95
Ishita (Kalia) Hayer '98
Jocelyn McGowan '99
Nicole Morton '14
Margaret (Owen) Barbeau '54*
Lisa Greczmiel '82
Pauline (Agnew) Hall '54
Diana (Cliff) Maughan '70
Sherry (Robson) Taylor '73*


Alumnae Chapters

York House School Alumnae Association has a worldwide network of Yorkies, with numerous chapters in major cities around the world. Please check out our Chapters here and visit the individual Chapter Facebook pages.


Victoria Alumnae Chapter
Christine (Stefanitsis) Wood '85

Calgary Alumnae Chapter
Laura Mitchell '05

Toronto Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Golnar (Khosrowshahi) Winston '89
Recent Grad Chairs: Yassi Mohseni '01, Stephanie Tait '00, and Shira Druker '12

Ottawa Alumnae Chapter
Gillian Johnson '03

Montreal Alumnae Chapter 
Mallory Kitchen '17 

Kingston Alumnae Chapter
Jody Patterson '08, Abbey Hicks '16, and Lauchland Lee '16

London Alumnae Chapter
Justine Lau '18

Okanagan Alumnae Chapter
Katherine (Mortimer) Pisiak '79


New York Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Sara Genn '90, Shelley Saxton '74, and Andrea Jang '00

Northern California Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Katherine (Black) Stephens '90 and Harrup Kaur (Pannu) '93

Southern California Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Jenny Chu '05 and Melissa Rundle '02

Seattle Alumnae Chapter
Emily Glass '97

United Kingdom

London, UK Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Emma Cheevers '94, Barbara (Bentley) Hislop '72, and Jamie Lee Wright '03

Scotland Alumnae Chapter
Chairs: Ailsa (Aitken) Campbell '88 and Victoria Lopez '96

Rest of the World

Hong Kong Alumnae Chapter
May Lee '90, Clarissa Wu '03, and Tiffany Tsui '09

Israel Alumnae Chapter
Chair: Noa Gur-Arieh '10