Types of Planned Gifts

Outright Gifts
Gifts such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and GICs, can be donated for immediate or future use. Outright gifts are easy to make, requiring an endorsement or transfer to York House School.

Deferred Gifts
Deferred gifts are arranged now, but are not realized by York House School until some time in the future.

Many donors use their will to leave a lump sum or percentage of their estate to York House School to strengthen its future. Whether you are writing a new will or changing an old one, it's simple to include York House. A specific bequest gives a certain amount of money, and a residual bequest gives the remaining amount or a percentage of the residue of an estate after all specific bequests have been honoured.

Joining the YHS Legacy Society is Just a Codicil Away
It's easy to update your will to include a legacy gift without having to re-write it. A codicil is a document used to make modifications to your existing will. By adding a codicil to your will, you can make minor changes or additions with little expense. It takes only three steps: 1. Call a lawyer or notary to request the preparation of a codicil. 2. Make an appointment to sign the completed document. 3. Let the school know so that we may acknowledge your thoughtfulness by including your name in the YHS Legacy Society list and invite you to the Legacy Society English Tea or related events. Download and complete the Legacy Form, and return it to York House School. If you wish, you may also make a gift online today.

Endowed Family Fund
A family fund may be established in your name or a family member's name as part of an on-going commitment to create an endowment for a purpose determined by you and your family. The fund may be set up with a cash gift, pledges over a period of time, and may also include planned gifts such as bequests. The benefit of setting up your fund now is that you will be able to watch it grow over time in support of your particular interests. The fund may also be created in the future by a bequest.

Charitable Gift Annuities
With a charitable gift annuity, the money you give to York House can provide both a gift to the School and a guaranteed income for life to you or someone you love. There are special tax provisions for the gift and annuity combination so both the gift and the income can be larger than you might expect.

Gift of Property
Any property that can be valued may be a potential gift in support of York House. Such gifts may include artwork, antique furniture or real property. It's even possible to make the gift today while retaining the right to use and enjoy the property. There are substantial income tax benefits with many property gifts.

Download Sample Will Clauses
Download Legacy Society Member Form

To further inquire about making a planned gift, please contact Ita Kane-Wilson, Associate Director, Alum Relations, at 604-730-2409 or [email protected].