Observing Mental Heath Awareness Month and Asian Heritage Month at YHS

Genny Lee
As we approach the end of May, we are excited to reflect on the enriching experiences and vibrant energy that have defined our recent weeks to observe Mental Heath Awareness Month and Asian Heritage Month.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month, our dedicated counselling team spearheaded an array of initiatives aimed at nurturing well-being, self-regulation, and positive mental health among our students. From uplifting messages on bathroom mirrors to therapeutic activities like crafting stress balls and colouring mandalas, our Senior School has been abuzz with supportive engagements and meaningful dialogues, cultivating a culture of resilience and wellness.

Additionally, May has been a celebration of Asian Heritage Month. On May 30, we witnessed a landmark event as a group of students and Ms. Lee came together to honour the diverse cultural tapestry of the Asian continent. Setting up booths showcasing different foods and traditions from various countries, we immersed ourselves in learning about henna, sushi, kimbap, mochi, and more. The atrium was a flurry of excitement as students eagerly explored and appreciated the richness of various cultures. Looking ahead, we aspire to organize a global culture fest next year to celebrate the richness and diversity within our school and across continents.