Out and About: Learning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Genny Lee, Director of Senior School
Our Senior school students have been actively engaged in exploring both local and global environments to enhance their learning experiences and foster personal and intellectual growth. From the vibrant landscapes of Australia, the cultural richness of Spain, to the historical depths of Montreal and Quebec City, and closer to home adventures like visiting the Vancouver Law Courts, Planetarium, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and the Granville Island stage, this term has been filled with enriching adventures that complement the robust learning taking place within our classrooms.

Aligned with our strategic plan, we understand the significance of connecting students with field experts and subject specialists who are actively involved in their areas of interest. These experiences not only provide practical applications of classroom discussions, texts, and assignments but also breathe life into abstract concepts, enabling students to forge deep connections and engage with mentors and role models in their chosen fields. It's these “Sparks” of inspiration and innovation that continue to ignite curiosity and propel our students towards greater academic achievement.

We look forward to sharing with you this powerful learning over the coming months.