Dr. Michael Thompson Speaks about "Hopes and Fears"

Psychologist and author Dr. Michael Thompson visited York House School on October 24 and 25 to speak with students, parents, teachers, and staff on understanding and managing the "hopes and fears" of children and parents.

Dr. Thompson has worked and consulted with more than 2,000 schools; independent, public and international. During the course of his career, he has authored and co-authored several award-winning books including Best Friends, Worst Enemies, The Pressured Child and Hopes and Fears: Working with Today’s Independent School Parents.

In writing Hopes and Fears and preparing for his talks, Dr. Thompson went back to school and followed students from grade 7 through to grade 12. In his presentations, he shared stories from those experiences, taking parents into the school-day experience of children and how educators and parents can support them along the way.

We thank Dr. Thompson for an opportunity for learning, dialogue, and reflection as we continue on our education journey together at York House School.