Visual Arts

There is an impressive array of artistic talent visible throughout York House School. Just visit the corridor outside the theatre, which hosts a revolving exhibition of student artwork throughout the year, or the colourful murals and displays in the Little and Junior school. Many of these masterpieces go on to grace our hallways and offices.
The atelier, or art room, in the Junior School hosts an intermediate and primary art club once a week after school. Here the girls don their smocks and learn about great artists and artistic styles throughout history. They then create their own masterpieces – from still lifes and starry nights in the style of Van Gogh to dancing ballerinas inspired by Degas.

Girls at the Little School create ‘junk art’ from objects found in the “beautiful stuff centre.” They also work on special art projects with the Artist in Residence.

Supported by the Parents’ Association, the Artist in Residence program brings in an artist to work with York House School students and teachers. York House alum and current YHS Grade 2 teacher Casey Wilson (’08) worked with the JK and SK girls on building treasures stones for their garden. Local artist Philip Stephens worked with Junior School girls to create cartoons.

In the Senior School, our art room has become a safe haven for our artists. Here, our girls are able to unleash their creativity while exploring a variety of styles, techniques, and media.

Students start with developing and refining basic drawing skills that serve as a foundation for all art disciplines, then move on to portraiture, figure drawing, 2-D and 3-D media techniques, and the study of perspective. Projects range from painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and computer graphics.

The students are inspired through the study of artists and art through the ages. They also learn to analyze and critique their own and their peers’ work.

As students progress, the concepts and studio activities are geared towards producing a portfolio of work that is suitable for post-secondary admission, a career in the art field or simply an item of great personal satisfaction.