The York House Music Program offers courses in both instrumental and choral music. Students have the opportunity to study, explore, and perform music from all genres.
Music students experience the engagement of the senses, muscles, and the intellect – all at the same time. In fact, performing music is one of the only known activities that stimulates the entire brain simultaneously. By learning music, our girls develop creatively and individually, all while learning discipline, relieving stress, and having fun. Once they’ve mastered an intricate piece of music, the satisfaction they feel is priceless.
Our senior music ensembles are often invited to represent Vancouver and York House School in national and international festivals and competitions. The Senior Concert Band won top honours at the Millennium of Music Festival in Florence, Italy in 2008, and achieved superior ranking at the Canadian National MusicFest competition in 2007. Our ensembles have toured Spain, Eastern Europe, Hawaii, Austria, Italy, and California. The most recent Senior Concert Band tour was through Italy in March 2015.

Music Ensembles

Senior Concert Band
The senior concert band is an accredited course made up of students in Grades 10-12. Students rehearse every second morning from 7:10 am – 8:30 am. The senior band is proud to be the largest team at York House School. They compete in local and international music festivals and tours – most recently a tour through Spain (Spring 2010). Other accolades include winning top honours at the Millennium of Music Festival in Florence, Italy (2008) and achieving gold at the Canadian National Musicfest competition (2007). Though not mandatory, students are highly encouraged to take private music lessons on their chosen band instrument.

Grade 9 Concert Band
The Grade 9 concert band rehearses on the timetable every second day. These students rehearse a wide variety of repertoire and increase their proficiency on their chosen concert band instrument. Annually, this group tours to Whistler, BC to compete in the prestigious Whistler Music Festival where they have earned gold for the last several years in a row.

Grade 8 Concert Band
The Grade 8 Concert Band rehearses on the timetable every second day. These students develop their musical technique and tone through daily practice of appropriate repertoire and exercises. They perform in three concerts each year and they have the chance to team up with the Grade 9 concert band on their annual tour to the Whistler Music Festival.

Senior Jazz Band
The senior jazz band is a club that runs once a week at lunchtime. This performance group learns the basics of jazz and improvisation. Performing at many events throughout the school year, the senior jazz band is an audience favourite. Each year they perform an evening of jazz at ‘The Basement’, a jazz club-inspired environment at YHS.

Senior Concert Choir
The senior concert choir is an accredited course with alternating morning and lunch hour practices. Open to all students in Grades 8-12 who love to sing, the basics of proper vocal technique, projection, stage presence, and tone production are explored. The students perform in three concerts each year and they are exposed to a variety of choral genres.

Ragazza is York House School’s auditioned senior vocal jazz ensemble. This group rehearses challenging repertoire alternating over morning and lunch hour rehearsals. Ragazza performs at concerts, charity events, sports arenas, jazz clubs, corporate functions, and holiday events. Annually, they have the opportunity to tour with the senior band. Auditions for this course are held each May so that work may begin over the summer in preparation for their September gigs.