Tiger Talks w/ Dr. Ross Laird

Tiger Talks Presents
Dr. Ross Laird
Wednesday, February 6
7:00 pm
Odette Tognetti Theatre

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This presentation explores themes of family development, parenting, and education in an age of increasing stress and vulnerability for young people. How can parents best support kids through difficult and sometimes overwhelming situations? How can parents help kids navigate mental health challenges, emotional trauma, and addictions? How can families understand and respond to issues such as the legalization of cannabis, the rise of vaping, and the diverse challenges of substance use?

This presentation provides a summary of skills and practical strategies to help parents and kids navigate these complex issues.

About Dr. Ross Laird:
Dr. Ross Laird is an authorclinical consultanteducator, and scholar. His work focuses on the interconnected themes of mentorship, trauma, addictions, mental health, and creativity. Ross has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individual clients and students, from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to corporate boardrooms and university classrooms across North America.