Celebrating 90

Since opening its doors for the first time on September 7, 1932, York House School has prepared young women to make a difference in this world while remaining true to its history, values, and traditions. Our founders recognized that education was critical to inspire young women to live happy, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

Ninety years later, we continue to provide a tradition of excellence in education and instill in girls the confidence and belief that they are capable of doing anything. Our school motto, “Not for Ourselves Alone”, continues to guide us as we strive to empower young women to be active global citizens with the courage to act on their beliefs and make a difference.

Celebrating 90: Buildings that Shaped Us

This exhibit explores the buildings that have shaped York House School over time, from the Whittaker House in 1932 to our present-day modern campus. Enjoy taking a virtual walk through the decades and watching how York House has grown over the years. This exhibit is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet.